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Service transition

Changes to live operations are often overlooked or tackled as an afterthought on full-scale digital transformations or small technology projects alike. QBitKloud specialises in service-led transformations, leaving nothing to chance by implementing detailed target operating models or service designs and carrying out thorough service rehearsals prior to go-live. 

Our service transition experts provide clients with a smooth and controlled transition to a cloud services model, taking into account organisational complexities, co-existence with legacy and each organisation’s unique culture.  

We offer unrivalled expertise in full-scale, service-led digital transformations, from cloud services strategy, through to continuous improvements in live operations. 

Regardless of the scale of the journey, it’s our belief that it’s the people involved who determine the success of a service. 

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For more information, get in touch with one of the QBitKloud team. 

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