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Architecture, analysis & consultancy

QBitKloud’s architects, business analysts and consultants lead the way in optimising our clients’ organisations, people, processes and IT. 


Whilst it’s tempting to delve straight into implementation, the time spent on strategy, options appraisals, architecture and business analysis is fundamental to the success of a transformation, just as they are for the smooth running of existing operations. At QBitKloud we use the highest caliber of consultants to drastically reduce the time spent on these activities, while maximizing their impact, producing quality artefacts at pace and gaining consensus for the changes with business stakeholders. 

Every client is different, and our consultants have the experience to tailor their approaches to fit, drawing on a wealth of tried-and-tested processes and tools but without being rigidly tied to any one methodology. We have a strong track record helping clients to improve their existing architecture, business analysis and internal consultancy functions, through to shaping their entire digital transformation.

Regardless of the scale of the journey, it’s our belief that it’s the people involved who determine the success of a service. 


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For more information, get in touch with one of the QBitKloud team. 

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