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Change management

Change management is at the heart of what we do at QBitKloud. The latest and greatest technology only works if people use it effectively and user adoption is too often an afterthought of technology implementations. It’s a tempting area to cut-back on in a transformation, with available funds directed to technology and delivery, but change management is essential in order to realise the business benefits of investing in the technologies in the first place.

We go further than just sending out pretty communications to let people know about upcoming changes; we engage from the start with thorough stakeholder analysis, uncovering supporters and resistance within the business, then working with them throughout, implementing structured communications plans, training and resistance management.  

QBitKloud can help to improve your existing change functions, embed your digital transformation and maximise return on investments in your portfolio. 

Regardless of the scale of the journey, it’s our belief that it’s the people involved who determine the success of a service. 


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