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Service management

& continuous improvement

The QBitKloud service management offering enables organisations to offload the burden of IT support to our team of experts. 

The foundation of our support is a 24/7 UK-based technical service desk, providing tiered expertise to on-board and actively manage and monitor live services and to fix things when they go wrong. Managed services are selected and tailored to each client’s unique requirements to make sure our clients only pay for what they actually need. 

We don’t just fix things though. It’s just as important to us to keep our clients informed with timely and accurate information, whether updates to incidents they have raised or monthly service reports. Our service desk tools make use of self-service processes and technology to ensure the information is available whenever and wherever you need. And this information is not just for show, it drives continuous improvements in our services to provide an outstanding experience for our clients.  


As with our consultancy and engineering, it’s the people involved who determine the success of our managed services. 


Contact us 

For more information, get in touch with one of the QBitKloud team. 

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